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Kerlin Gallery is honoured to present new work by Dorothy Cross, Aleana Egan, Siobhán Hapaska, Isabel Nolan and Kathy Prendergast. 
This intergenerational exhibition presents five Irish contemporary artists who, operating at different stages in their careers, have each developed a distinct and innovative approach to sculpture that has won international recognition from museums, biennales and contemporary art publications. Each artist will present new or recent work for this exhibition, fixing artworks to the floors, walls and ceilings of the space.

The tips of fingers and mountains alike hover between heaven and earth in sculptures by Dorothy Cross: bronze digits are suspended with steel wire; the peaks of Everest emerge from white marble slabs. Aleana Egan’s looping, signature wall works are cast in the chalky patina of untreated bronze; their wobbly edges find counterpoint in a linear steel sculpture by Isabel Nolan, suspended from the ceiling to plot geometric arches across the airy interior of the gallery. A glossy fibreglass apple looks set to burst, squeezed between snakeskin girders in a new work by Siobhán Hapaska, while Kathy Prendergast’s sombre black architectural construction resembles a garden shed, built to the approximate dimensions of a human figure.