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aemi & IFI present: So, what did you do today? Films selected by Isabel Nolan

aemi & IFI present: So, what did you do today? Films selected by Isabel Nolan

A series of short films selected and introduced by artist Isabel Nolan + post-screening Q&A.

Sometimes, as an artist, it’s awful to be asked what you did on a given day. You’re confronted by the vagueness or absurdity of describing time spent trying fairly idiosyncratic stuff out to see if it works. Some of these films record odd, gloriously impractical actions; some are set in functional spaces; some feature familiar objects activated in peculiar ways; occasionally dogs are involved. There is watching and dancing. On good days I believe art is a beautifully inconvenient way to love a difficult world. – Isabel Nolan

Curated by artist Isabel Nolan for aemi and coinciding with ‘Spaced Out’, Nolan’s exhibition of new rugs and paintings at Kerlin Gallery, ‘So, what did you do today?’ is a programme of short films that illuminates aspects of Nolan’s work in drawing, sculpture, tapestry and the moving image.

Film info
Marijke van Warmerdam, Hands Free, 2004, NL, 2 minutes, 18 minutes
Maria Lassnig, Chairs, 1971, AT, 1 minute, 55 seconds
Liliane Lijn, Factory Snaps, 1970, USA, 3 minutes 40 seconds
Daria Martin, Soft Materials, 2004, USA, 10 minutes 30 seconds
Anita Delaney, Well, 2020, UK, 1 minute 28 seconds
Joan Jonas, My New Theater V: Moving in Place (Dog Dance), 2002 – 2005, USA, 6 minutes 11 seconds
Miranda Pennell, You made me love you, 2005, UK, 4 minutes
Robot (John Miller and Takuji Kogo), Look 49, 2012, USA/ Japan, 1 minute 58 seconds
Marijke van Warmerdam, The Big Memory, 2008, NL, 22 seconds
Liliane Lijn, Caution Matter, 2012, USA, 15 minutes 30 seconds
Kunstinstituut Melly, Paul Thek ‘The Wonderful World that Almost Was’, 1995, USA, 14 minutes 16 seconds
Michael Rudnick, Pup y Pup, 1977, USA, c. 3 minutes, restoration courtesy of the the Academy Film Archive
Anita Delaney, Crème, 2021, UK, 51 seconds
Jem Cohen, Anne Truitt, Working, 2009, USA, 12 minutes 51 seconds
Jack Smith, Scotch Tape, 1959 – 1962, USA, 3 minutes 5 seconds
Running time 85 minutes


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Maria Lassnig, Chairs © Maria Lassnig Foundation, courtesy Sixpackfilm

Maria Lassnig, Chairs © Maria Lassnig Foundation, courtesy Sixpackfilm