Aleana Egan, Shadowy Forms

3 September - 4 October 2020

NICC Brussels

Daniel Rios Rodriguez



'Shadowy Forms' at NICC, Brussels consists of three new works that have been shaped by Egan’s formative engagement with the writings of British author and psychoanalyst Marion Milner (1900-1998). In the production of her sculptures Egan applies a method that has similarities to a strategy devised by Milner known as ‘introspective journalling’. Essentially, this involved Milner identifying past experiences that she felt were particularly significant and designating them as ‘bead memories’. These ‘beads’ became the focus for prolonged meditative reflection and over time Milner attached to them material that she felt resonated. This material consisted of excerpts of literature gleaned from diverse sources including mythology, religion and fiction. This technique was essentially a form of self-analysis and literary experimentation,  resulting in intertextual composites which Milner then published under the pseudonym Joanna Field. Ultimately, this process enabled Milner to produce experimental literature whilst simultaneously gaining a deeper understanding of what she described as the “mysterious and astonishing fact of simply being alive”.
The sculptures  in this exhibition reflect this sparse, austere landscape in which Egan has spent the past six turbulent months. A “visual letter” by Egan and Pádraic E. Moore accompanies this exhibition and is available via the NICC website.
Pádraic E. Moore, 2020
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