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Mark Francis, Phillip Allen in 8am in London, Midnight in LA

Two vibrant creative cities, each with their own distinctive character and pulse, collide in one explosive dialogue about the here and now.

This exhibition brings together contemporary artists from Los Angeles and London. It is an exploration of similarities and differences; of work that transcends geographical borders, and work that proudly retains its heritage and culture.

Experience the urgency, innovation and vivid immediacy as artists push boundaries and share stories that resonate at the intersection of two distinct time zones.

Gul Cagin
Jenny Hager
David Leapman
Hagop Najarian
Max Presneill
Alexandra Wiesenfeld

Phillip Allen
Gina Birch
Jonathan Callan
John Wyatt Clarke
Michael Coppelov
Ian Dawson
Tom Farthing
Mark Francis
Neil Gall
Charles Inge
Erin Lawlor
Thomas MacGregor
Eigel Nordstrom
Ornela Novello
Tania Salha
Richard Woods