Willie Doherty & Kathy Prendergast

The Other Side - Borderlands In Contemporary Irish Art

Dortmunder - U

20 December 2019 - 17 March 2020

Photo: Roland Baege Fotografie
The exhibition "The Other Side" uses contemporary Irish positions to focus on the personal, geopolitical and cultural effects of borders and social division. Through events such as the independence of the Republic of Ireland, the so-called "troubles" in Northern Ireland, and current Brexit discussions, the border has repeatedly become the central point of conflict on the island.
A total of six internationally renowned artists* from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will deal with this topic and the shadows of the past and put it on stage anew. Research on the physical, social and imaginary dimensions of borders as well as on questions of territorial violence, conflict and identity were processed by the artists in video installations, sculptures, photographs and collages.
"The Other Side" offers new insights into the past and present of a divided island and opens the view to other divided countries and those that no longer exist. The critical, intimate and at times humorous positions invite visitors to reexamine social belonging and political demarcation.
Curated by Anne Mager.
Artists: Enda Bowe, Willie Doherty, Seán Hillen, Jesse Jones, Dragana Jurišić and Kathy Prendergast.

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