Online Publications

Samuel Laurence Cunnane
Sean Scully - Landlines and other recent works
Brian Maguire
Callum Innes - In Position

Samuel Laurence Cunnane
Liliane Tomasko - Sense
Sean Scully - Different Places
Paul Winstanley - Art School

Willie Doherty - UNSEEN
Isabel Nolan - Intimately Unrelated
Liam Gillick - One long walk… Two short piers…


Liliane Tomasko, We Sleep Where We Fall
Kathy Prendergast, Atlas
Paul Seawright, Beasts of Burden
Sean Scully, Passenger

Liam Gillick, In piedi in cima a un edificio: Film 2008-2019 | Standing on Top of a Building: Films 2008-2019
Isabel Nolan, Curling up with reality
Without Borders: The Paintings of Brian Maguire

Liliane Tomasko - dark goes lightly
Liam Gillick - Half A Complex
Gerard Byrne - Beasts
Zhou Li - Original State of mind

Richard Gorman - Keijo
Liam Gillick - A Depicted Horse is not a Critique of a Horse
Zhou Li - The Ring of Life
Merlin James - Long Game

Paul Winstanley - 59 Paintings
Sean Scully - Vita Duplex
Elizabeth Magill - Headland
Richard Gorman - CASA

Callum Innes - I'll Close My Eyes
Willie Doherty - Home
Gerard Byrne - Jielemeguvvie guvvie sjisjnjeli: Film inside an image
Willie Doherty - Again and Again

Richard Gorman - KAN
Hall of Half-Life
Sean Scully- Bricklayer of the Soul
Kathy Prendergast - Or

The Untold Want
Stephen McKenna - Perspectives of Europe
Paul Seawright - Things Left Unsaid
Merlin James - SIGNAL BOX

Mark Francis - Evidence of Absence
Dorothy Cross - Connemara
Eoin Mc Hugh - Augury
Isabel Nolan - Some Surfaces on Which Patterns Occur

Merlin James
Norbert Schwontkowski - Blind Faith
Aleana Egan - day wears
Brian Maguire - An Oasis of Horror in a Desert of Boredom

Aleana Egan - Local Curiosities
Gerard Byrne - Images or Shadows
Liliane Tomasko - Luminous Matter
Aleana Egan - At intervals, while turning

Elizabeth Magill - Green Light Wanes
Mark Francis - Arena
William McKeown - Traces of Light
Guggi - Numbers

Jaki Irvine - The Square Root of Minus One is Plus or Minus i
Mark Francis
Aleana Egan - We sat down where we had sat before

William McKeown
Paul Winstanley - Threshold: Paintings 1989-2007
Willie Doherty - Anthology of Time Based Work
Phillip Allen - Drawings

Paul Seawright - Invisible Cities
Phillip Allen
Dorothy Cross
David Godbold - Forwards not backwards

Jaki Irvine - Plans of Forgotten Works
Dorothy Cross - [Gone]: Site Specific works by Dorothy Cross
David Godbold - Once it was a lie, now it’s the truth...
Stephen McKenna - Nissan Art Project

Elizabeth Magill
Maureen Gallace
Paul Seawright - Hidden
Paul Winstanley - Archive: Complete Paintings 1989-2000

Kathy Prendergast - The End and the Begining
Siobhán Hapaska - Siobhán Hapaska / Charles Long / Ernesto Neto
Stephen McKenna - Germälde 1990 - 1999
Brian Maguire - Inside / Out

Siobhán Hapaska - NICAF ’99 Tokyo
Mark Francis
Siobhán Hapaska
Dorothy Cross - Power House