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Sam Keogh, Trouble in Outer Heaven: Portable Ops Plus

Sam Keogh presents a new performance and work for the group show ‘Trouble In Outer Heaven: Portable Ops Plus’, which focuses on the influence and fan cultures of ‘Metal Gear Solid’, one of the most popular video game franchises of all time.

‘Trouble In Outer Heaven: Portable Ops Plus’ brings together a group of artists whose early encounters with ‘Metal Gear’s’ unique vision and distinct poetics continue to influence their world-views and artistic practices today. Through performance, sculpture, film, and an education program for young people, the artists explore Kojima’s rich yet often troubling games as opportunities for thinking through positions of decolonial critique, ludic defiance, and anti-fascist resistance.

A new covert performance by Sam Keogh will take place during the opening event on September 12th at 4pm. The performance that draws upon Southwark Park’s history as a wartime munitions depot. No booking required, but we are limiting capacity to allow for safe social distancing.